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    Welcome to Requirk!

    You can get back here any time by using the "Help" tab.
    This UI can be pretty confusing at first! But don't worry, I'll walk you through it.


    When you first open up the quirks menu, you should see a blank text box and a .
    Enter a character name into the text box, click , click on the character's name on the new list, and you're good!

    Editing them

    Each character consists of 4 parts; color, handle, aliases, and quirk.


    Their text color! Click the box to select it. This is self-explanatory.


    Used for logs (eg, x started pestering y. NOT ACTUAL CONVERSATION). It colors this if it finds it in the log. If you wanted to color the whole thing, for example "nameHere [NH]", you would put that in the box. If you just wanted to color "[NH]", you would put that in the box.


    Let's say you have a character named "a", but their ChumHandle is "b". Put "a: b" in the box and it will quirk b as it quirks a.


    At the time of writing this, there are 6 handlers. You can find info on how to use them here, with a simple regex guide as well.


    Log name

    Yeah, this does that for you.

    Advanced Usage

    We have keybinds now! Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate between tabs.


    How is this different from PesterLogSim or Pesterlogger?

    While these are both good options, Requirk allows you to write plain text. You still have to write out a troll's quirks on both of those, but Requirk handles them for you.

    Who made this?

    check the url IDOT... clearly me (yhvr) made it!

    Do I have to give you any credit if I use this?

    no lol

    Can you add <x> or fix <y>?

    Why yes I (probably) can! Feel free to reach out to me on Discord at
    with a suggestion or bug.
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